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Make Dad the King of Father's Day with a New Throne

Father and Daughter

A New Throne for the King of the Castle

It’s that time of year again! The time of year where everyone gets to show their dads how much they mean to them. That one day where everything gets to be about him! One of the mainstays of a good Father’s Day is picking out the perfect gift to give him to show him he is cared for. But picking out the ideal gift for the king of the castle can feel like a quest equal to those of the Knights of the Round Table. 

This Father’s Day, get Dad what he wants AND needs. A new throne! Getting a new toilet installed will help him spruce up his space and likely cross something off of his to-do list. These local Gainesville plumbers offer advice about how to get him the toilet he deserves. 

Signs a New Throne is Necessary

toilet An aging throne usually means more work for the king. When toilets get old, numerous problems can occur, which usually means dad has to take a turn fixing the old toilet. Some of the signs that installing a new toilet will save him a lot of trouble are:
  • Cracks in the tank or bowl
  • Wobbling base
  • Constant clogging
  • Leaks around the tank or the base
  • Wasted water from leaking seals or constant running
  • Out of style toilet

This Father’s Day, save dad the time and trouble of dealing with an old toilet. Get help from professional plumbers, so dad doesn’t have to go to the trouble. Then he will have a throne he can enjoy for years to come. 

Options for Upgrading the Toilet

For those who decide to get their father a new toilet for Father’s Day, it is important to consider all of the options for upgrading. Things to consider when installing a new toilet are: 

  • Water Usage: Is dad environmentally conscious? Maybe a dual-flush or low-flow toilet is just what he wants to help save the environment.
  • Dimensions: A taller toilet or one with a larger base may be more comfortable for him to use depending on his body build.
  • Style: Whether an updated toilet is part of a larger renovation or not, it just makes sense to keep up the style. Make sure the toilet that he gets is modern and sticks with interior design plans.  
  • Smart Toilets: Is dad tech-savvy? A smart toilet may be what he needs to enhance his bathroom experience.  

Measure Before Replacing


One of the main reasons to get professional help when replacing a toilet is to prevent unnecessary problems during the installation process. Several dimensions must be considered when shopping for a new toilet. For those that wish to DIY a toilet installation, make sure to measure the toilet first to verify that it will fit in the space and line up with the existing riser. This will prevent delays in installation because the new toilet didn’t fit in the space. For those that are unsure about installing a new toilet, plumbers are ready to help it go smoothly!

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