Water Line Repair and Installation in Gainesville, FL

A reliable water line is the first stop for all of your home’s water. Make sure it’s installed by the best!

The stretch of water line between a meter at the municipal source and the home is the property and responsibility of the property owner. It is the first piping that water flows through on its way to serve the points of use in your home or business. Water main lines are always buried between the source and the structure, so they can be difficult to install or maintain. Since they lie buried beneath the surface, ensuring they’re installed properly should be the highest concern of a home or business owner during construction. At First Choice Plumbing, we understand that people who are managing a construction project for the first time need contractors they can trust. We have years of experience handling every aspect of residential and commercial plumbing, especially main water line repair and installation.

You can count on us for detailed and accurate service. Be sure to ask about our sewer video inspections and how they can help you assess the health of your plumbing system.

The Importance of Professional Water Main Installation

The importance of properly installing a water main line cannot be understated. If a water main were to break, hundreds of gallons per minute under high pressure would suddenly burst forth from the pipe. This large volume of water will quickly flood a lawn, ruin landscaping, damage foundations, and cost hundreds of dollars in wasted water and repair bills.

Unfortunately, most water main breaks can be attributed to poor installation practices. Small rocks can compromise the strength of the wall of the pipe and shifting soils can stress pipe joints. With time and the right combination of complications, water mains can break. To ensure this doesn't happen, you need to work with the best.

At First Choice Plumbing, we have years of experience with water line repair and installation, and we always reach the highest level of industry standards. We also have experience repairing the work of other plumbers that weren’t so meticulous in their practices. Before you break ground on your new construction, call our professionals to make sure your water main lines are installed properly.

When to Replace Main Water Lines

Most plumbing materials used over the last century are expected to last decades. Unfortunately, this isn’t a long time when it comes to occupied structures. Steel piping is prone to rust and corrosion that can cause it to fail even after years of reliable service. Copper pipes are prone to puncture and are more susceptible to breaking in shifting soils. Even plastic piping like PVC has been in service for long enough that many of them are too old to continue in service. The main reason that will cause people to replace their water main line is due to age. Increasing age on piping increases the likelihood that it will fail and leave your home or business without water until a new line is installed.

Another common reason to replace a water main has to do with new construction on a property. When patios, driveways, and pools are added, it may be necessary to reroute essential plumbing so that it is accessible later on. When water mains get buried under concrete they become much more difficult to service in the case of an emergency. Additionally, when structures are built on top of water mains, there is a likelihood that a water main break will cause damage to it. When considering new construction on a property, be sure to consult with a plumber to determine the best course of action to protect your plumbing in the long term.

Updating water lines to modern PEX materials is the best way to ensure that your water mainstays reliable. PEX is expected to be reliable for up to a century given the right conditions. PEX products are quick and easy to install which means you’ll pay less than other materials when you decide to update your water main.

Is your plumbing system looking like it’s beyond repair? Instead of simple patch jobs, consider a whole-home repiping project instead!

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