Water Leak Detection in Gainesville, FL

Protect your home in Alachua County with fast water leak detection service.

A leaking pipe in your home can be a stressful experience. You might wake up to a big mess that can leave parts of your home water damaged. To add insult to injury, a water leak can cause your water bills to skyrocket. At First Choice Plumbing, your leaks don’t stand a chance. That’s because we find them faster and fix them better. With our leak detection services in Gainesville, FL, you’ll have everything you need to keep your plumbing in good condition.

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Your First Choice in Water Leak Detection Services

When you have leaking water anywhere in your home, it isn’t something you can ignore. It’s just a matter of which water leak detector company you’ll choose to come and fix your pipes. To our plumbers, leak detection is about more than just finding water that’s dripping from your pipes. It’s about keeping your plumbing in good condition and finding problems early so that you don’t have to deal with the mess. At First Choice Plumbing, we want to be the company you turn to right away for any concerns with leaking pipes.

Finding and Repairing Leaks Quickly

When you don’t have quality water leak detection services, a pipe leak repair can either be ineffective or too invasive. Small leaks in your pipes can be difficult to find if you don’t use the right equipment. At First Choice Plumbing, we not only find leaks quickly, but we have the best leak detection equipment so that we can detect the leak accurately. There is no other place in Gainesville where you can get the same leak detection services.

Water Leak Detection

When there are pipes in your home, leaks can happen. These leaks can be the result of old piping, loose piping connections, corrosion, or damage. Pipes that are in the ground can be subject to tree root damage. When the leak isn’t in an obvious location, you’ll need leak detection to find the source. You might suspect that you have leaking water if you notice some of these signs: 

  • Water spots anywhere on your floors, ceiling, or walls
  • A water meter that ticks even when the water is off
  • High water bills
  • The sound of dripping or running water 
  • A musty or moldy smell in your home

Calling for plumbing leak detection is the next step in the process if you’ve noticed any of these signs. 

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Slab Leak Detection

Many homes have piping that is underneath the concrete foundation of the home. Since these pipes aren’t exposed, the signs of a leak aren’t always obvious. But letting a slab leak go undetected can lead to your foundation being damaged over time and other problems occurring in your home. With our slab leak detection services, we can find leaks even in the furthest corners of your plumbing system. 

Once we find the leak using video inspection and other leak detection methods, we can perform a trenchless slab leak repair to quickly and effectively fix the problem. Our water leak detection and repair services are designed to make it as easy as possible for you to keep your plumbing in good condition. 

Our Leak Detection Methods

At First Choice Plumbing, we are the only company in Gainesville, FL, that has true leak detection services. We take this service seriously because we know how much is at stake. We use the best water leak detector techniques so that we don’t miss anything. Some of the methods we might use in your home could include video camera inspection with infrared cameras, meter testing, soil probes, and more. If you want to learn more about our water leak detector methods, you can get in touch with our plumbers. 

Water Leak Repair

Once we have checked your system for leaks with our plumbing leak detection, the next step will be to repair your pipes. Our water leak repair services are unique because we do everything we can to minimize damage to your home or property. We offer trenchless pipe leak repair which eliminates the need to dig up underground pipes. This can be a good option for slab leak repair needs.

Choosing Our Plumbing Company for Leak Detection Services

At First Choice Plumbing, we offer the water leak detection services that you need to safely and quickly find and fix leaks anywhere in your home. With the only true leak detection services in the area and a desire to serve your family well, you can depend on us to get the job done right.

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