Water Heater Repair in Gainesville, FL

Same-day water heater repair & installation in Gainesville!

There are many types of water heaters, and they all come with their own set of potential problems. Having all your repairs done by a certified plumber is important, and it ensures that your water heater runs smoothly for many years to come. The longer you use a damaged water heater, the more it may cost to repair. We have a team of highly qualified plumbers that take pride in every job they do, whether it's water heaters or detecting leaks, and always strive for excellence.

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First Choice Plumbing Offers Repairs on the Following Hot Water Heaters 

Electric Water Heater. These can cause fires if not in proper working condition. 

Gas Water Heater. Gas is a more efficient way to heat water, but has the potential for dangerous gas leaks if not repaired when needed. 

Tanked Water Heater. Tanks that hold water can erode, allowing hot water to escape, and cause an unnecessary need to reheat the water.

Tankless Water Heater. If high-powered burners are not igniting, you could be left without hot water. 

Signs That You Need a Water Heater Repair in Gainesville

We know that your home is an investment. Repairing your water heater before it breaks may cost you less money in the future and save you the hassle of not having hot water. 

Gas Water Heater Repair

Gas may be the most efficient way to power a water heater, but gas-powered water heaters still need repairs from time to time. Making sure your gas line is in working order will save you money. If you have a loss of hot water, smell gas, or find that you are using more gas to heat your water than you normally do, your heater may need repairs. Look no further. First Choice Plumbing is ready to give you the best service in the industry with a smile from ear to ear. Contact us for more information on how to repair a water heater the professional way. 

Electric Water Heater Repair

A distinct burning smell coming from your electric water heater is not good. If your water heater is tripping your circuit breaker, it may be a sign that some components are not working as they should. A water heater repair company must be contacted immediately to repair your water heater and ensure that your home is safe from potential electrical fires. 

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Tankless Water Heater Repair

Since its primary purpose is to provide hot water on demand, a tankless water heater must run smoothly to be effective. High-powered burners rapidly heat water to be used immediately. If these burners are in need of repair, they won't be able to heat the water as rapidly as they need to, giving you water that may not be hot enough. When the burners are not working as they should, they use more energy and cost you more money to run. Since tankless water heaters are pricey to install, the best solution is to contact First Choice Plumbing immediately to repair your tankless water heater before it's too late. 

Tank Water Heater Repair

Using a tanked water heater system has many advantages, but if your tank is damaged and leaks water, these advantages are of no use and may cause further water damage to your property. Repairing corrosion before it gets all the way through your tank may make the repairs less expensive, provided it is done by a professional plumber in Gainesville. 

Emergency Water Heater Repairs

It's not something we like to think about, but water heaters can break down at any time, causing water damage to your home that will cost you more to fix. A burst water heater may also waste unnecessary water. These unexpected things can happen at any time of the day or night. Call First Choice Plumbing and request immediate service, so you and your family can get back to enjoying your hot water. We will make your emergency hot water heater repair our top priority and get your hot water running again as soon as possible. 

Make Your Life Easier with Professional Advice

First Choice Plumbing is licensed, bonded, and insured plumbers in Gainesville, FL, with many years of experience. No job is too big or too small, and we treat every client like family. Trust us for friendly and helpful advice on your water heater.

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