Water Heater Installation in Gainesville, FL

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When looking for a reliable water heater plumber in Gainesville, there are many important aspects to consider, since you are investing in both your home and family. These factors will influence your decisions, and it is always best to seek professional help instead of making inaccurate assumptions. First Choice Plumbing is a dedicated team of experts, specializing in hot water heater installation in Gainesville, FL. You can trust us to provide excellent service with water heater and all plumbing or leak detection services.

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The right power source for your water heater installation

Depending on the size of your home, your particular needs, and whether or not you have an existing municipal gas line running in your home will influence your decision to go with a gas or an electric water heater. Here are some factors to consider when making this choice. 

Electric Water Heater Installation in Gainesville, FL

  • Electric water heaters are durable, giving homeowners up to 30 years of reliable service. 
  • This is a safe option considering the possibilities of potential gas leaks. 
  • An electric water heater will cost less to install. 
  • The installation process is quick and hassle-free. 

Gas Water Heater Installation in Gainesville, FL

  • A gas-powered water heater is much quicker than any other power source. 
  • If you have a big household with a high demand for hot water, a gas water heater is a better option. 
  • You will save money on monthly running costs since gas is more efficient. 

If you don’t have a municipal gas line in your home and would like to install one, so you can enjoy a gas-powered water heater, First Choice Plumbing can help you with that. Contact us for your gas water heater installation.

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Types of Water Heaters

It may feel like rocket science when faced with all the options for water heater solutions. That’s why it is best to consult someone with experience in the field. Our plumbers in Gainesville, FL, will ensure that you get the perfect water heater installation for your unique household needs. 

Tanked Water Heater Installation

This is a common water heater choice among homeowners. A tanked water heater installation can be powered by gas or electricity to heat your water. This method involves a tank that holds your water and a thermostat that switches on and off to regulate your water temperature and keep it at the desired temperature without overheating and causing damage. This ensures your water temperature is perfect and ready to use when you need it and is great for large households. However, if the hot water is used up, you will have to wait for the whole tank of water to heat up again. Reach out to First Choice Plumbing for your tanked water heater installation.

Tankless Water Heater Installation

Tankless water heaters allow you to have an immediate supply of hot water at the turn of a faucet. Having to wait for your whole tank of water to heat up can be a thing of the past. Tankless water heaters use less energy since they only heat the water you need. It makes use of powerful heating elements that rapidly heat your water as you need it. Another advantage of a tankless water heater is that it saves space in your home. This is ideal if your home is too small to house a large tank. A tankless water heater can also be powered by gas or electricity. If you have an existing gas line installed in your home, a gas-powered water heater may be a more cost-effective way to heat your water. Tankless water heaters are more durable than tanked water heaters. Storing water in a large tank may lead to rust and damage over time. If you are eager to install your tankless water heater, contact us, and we will make it a reality.

Save Money with Our Water Heater Installation in Gainesville

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